Yonder Berries is the name we gave our company when we started growing blueberries in 2005. The field we grow the blueberries in is called Yonder.

We have nearly 700 blueberry bushes. This may seem plenty but in commercial terms it is tiny. The farmers that supply UK supermarkets have anywhere between 10,000 to over 50,000 bushes.

Our bushes give us only enough berries to sell to local shops and restaurants for the picking season between July and September. As the bushes mature the yield of berries from each bush is gradually increasing.

We do no use any pesticides or chemicals. In 2008 Trading Standards tested our blueberries and confirmed the absence of any pesticides or herbicides.
For more information download our soil test analysis certificate here.

The biggest potential pest is from birds. We net the entire crop of blueberries, and for irrigation we used stored rainwater.  If you have any questions about growing blueberries please do not hesitate to get in touch.