Blueberry Truffles

Our Blueberry truffles are specially made to our exact specification by a Swiss confectioner, and with innovative packaging to reflect our blueberry roots we hope it finds a gap in the very competitive market for chocolate truffles.

We have not used any artificial flavouring  and have used a specially selected blueberry concentrate in the ganache. This gives the truffles a delicate but definitely blueberry flavour and when combined with each of the three chocolates dark, white and milk our punnet of truffles makes a very suitable gift for truffle lovers and blueberry lovers with a sweet tooth!


Marzipan Blueberries

Totally new and as far as we know a first anywhere, marzipan blueberries. Marzipan fruits were very well established confectionery before chocolate arrived from the America’s.

We have joined forces with Englands leading maker of quality marzipan fruits to introduce a punnet of marzipan blueberries. Using only natural colours and flavouring, they combine the unique taste of marzipan. With the delicate flavour of blueberry to provide a truly indulgent confection.